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Many people choose to travel to Tibet from April to October, especially during summertime in July and August. Winter always sounds a bit scary. It must be freezing. Is it an excellent time to travel? I will give you three reasons why you should visit Tibet in Winter.

On the way to Samye Monastery
Winter in Tibet

#1 Best Off-Season Travel Deals 

Tibet Winter Tour” was launched on 31 December; except for temples and monasteries, you can enjoy tickets free for all other scenic spots! Besides that, accommodation and transportation with cheap deals can also be found, a large sum of money can be saved!

Lakes in Tibet

#2 Clear weather

The latitude of Tibet is relatively low. Therefore winter here will not be colder than in northern China. Right now, when you are reading this article, the temperature in Lhasa during the day can be reached 18 degrees. The sky is immaculate, and the visibility will get the highest in a year, the best season to watch sacred mountains and turquoise lakes! Do keep in mind the temperature at night will drop below 0 degrees, which can be very cold. And in the high plateau, it’s dry and windy, and warm clothes are essential for a pleasant trip. 

Lhasa Average Temperatures

MonthMin oCMax  oC
Lhasa Average Temperatures
Shigatse City

#3 More Leisure time

You don’t need to wait in line with bustling crowds. There is no rush; you can slow down and enjoy. While the number of tourists is much less than in the peak season, many Tibetans who have been busy for a year will choose to make a pilgrimage to Lhasa in this leisure time. Join in with them in a traditional “kora” in Bakhor Street. After your kora, sit and watch the many faces and colorful clothed locals while sipping traditional Tibetan butter tea, made with fresh yak butter and yak milk.

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