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A dedicated and hard working Tibet travel experts
“The gladdest moment in human life is a departure into unknown lands.” 
Sir Richard Burton

We are a team of Tibet Travel Experts

When you traveling into Tibet which is a place full of wonders and interesting cultural differences, our Tibetan tour guide plays a crucial role to tell the real stories beyond the superficial objects and the breathing cultural on the Tibetan plateau, so only a local Tibetan travel guide can achieve the purpose by sharing the knowledge that he/she experienced from their childhood or heard from their elders. Moreover using the local Tibetan tour guide is part of our core motivation of the Responsible Tourism practices and employs Tibet travel guides and local people as much as we can.

Being a local Tibet tour agency, we have conducted several workshops to our Tibetan tour guides and crews to improve their serviceability and first aid kit training, so we are very proud to introduce you to our Explore Tibet team for your Tibet tour arrangement.

The question of how to find a Tibetan tour guide is a most commonly asked in most of the Tibet travel forums, but there is no any clear answer and our recommendation is if you find a Tibetan travel company, then you will definitely get a Tibetan tour guide for your travel in Tibet.

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