Central Tibet Highlights – Part II

Yumbu Lhakang

As we were talking about central Tibet in the earlier post, we talked mainly about Lhasa, the holy place of god. In this post, there will be more of central Tibet, as much as Lhasa is the heart of Tibet, there are also other important towns that made strong contributions in creating the Tibetan history […]


Winter Pilgrimage Tour In Tibet-Explore Tibet.

The winter pilgrimage. Every year from Nov the population Tibetans in Lhasa arose due to pilgrimages coming all the corners of Tibetan areas. The winter is another unique season to enjoy and experience the local side of Tibetans. As in Lhasa, there will be Tibetans various provinces with different costumes, language and outlooks. Again now there […]


Sangpo Chuzom

A pile of mani stones in Sede Township.

Sangpo Chuzom. Sangpo Chuzom literally means for Ten Good Omens comes right after Nyanpa Guzom which literally means for Nine Bad Omens. The nine bad omens are considered as the most inauspicious days of the year and it starts on the 6th Day of 11th Tibetan lunar calendar. This particular day of the year is […]


Gangchen Monastery-Tibet.

The southwest of Shigatse along with the main highway is the restored Geluk monastery of Gangchen. A sign directs you to a village about 2 Km north of the road,behind which is the monastery. It was founded sometime in the fifteenth century by a monk called Panchen Zangpo Tashi, a large statue of whom dominates […]


Drongtse Monastery-Explore Tibet.

While Tsongkhapa was staying at Tsechen Monastery he met a small boy named Rinchen Gyatso, the son of a prosperous and devoted family in the nearby village of Drongtse. Tsongkhapa prophesied that in the future the boy would build a monastery above his home. Many years elapsed and the boy grew into a young man […]


Stupa-Explore Tibet.

Stupa; A Stupa is also known as “Chorten” in Tibetan. Which is the perfect proportions of the Buddha’s mind, speech and body corresponds to the design of religious monuments. This architecture was developed before the Buddhism in the eastern part of Asia. Under these mounds the high Lama or great scholars were buried with their […]