15 Days Kailash Tour – Tibet Tour Itinerary

The journey will lead across the great central Tibet of U-Tsang to the western Ngari. This tour is the best Tibet group tour if you are not very much interested in seeing Tibet rather than taking a picture at the  The journey covers all the wishes of travellers who are enthusiast about having insights of […]


Sera Monastery – Tibetan Buddhism

Sera Monastery is one of the most visited monasteries in Tibet, located 5 km north to the central Lhasa. The monastery was founded by Jamchen Choeje, a close disciple of the great Tsongkhapa, in 1419. It has the capacity to house more than 5000 monks, but don’t expect to see that much in count there. […]


Central Tibet Highlights – Part III

When we are done with the Lhasa and Tsetang, heading a bit further southeast-ward, we have Gyantse, Yamdrok Lake, Shigatse and Mt. Everest, and Namtso in the north on our way back to Lhasa before finishing from your lovely Tibet tour. Yamdrok Lake Taking the southern road out of Lhasa, there is the dazzling Yamdrok […]


Central Tibet Highlights – Part II

Yumbu Lhakang

As we were talking about central Tibet in the earlier post, we talked mainly about Lhasa, the holy place of god. In this post, there will be more of central Tibet, as much as Lhasa is the heart of Tibet, there are also other important towns that made strong contributions in creating the Tibetan history […]


Central Tibet Highlights – Part I

Potala Palace

Although there are wonderful places to travel all around Tibet, but if you are planning only one Tibet tour, the ideal place to visit will be the central Tibet, it not only holds the important and historic places, but also some of the most beautiful mountain lakes and highest peaks you will ever come to […]


The First Ever Buddhist Temple in Tibet – Jokhang Temple

Jokhang temple in Tibet

The Jokhang temple is Tibet’s most sacred shrine, the focal point of pilgrims from the entire Tibetan plateau. situated at the heart of the old town of Lhasa, it was founded by Queen Bhrikuti on a site deemed by Queen Wencheng to be the principal geom-antic power-place in Tibet, identified with the heart of the […]


The World Highest Peak Mt.Everest in Tibet

Tibet Mt.Everest Tour

For 13 years after it was found to the highest mountain in the world, Peak XV had no European name. In 1865 the then Surveyor Gen of India suggested that it be named after his predecessor, Sir George Everest, the man responsible for the remarkable Great Trigonometrical Survey which ultimately determined its height. Everest himself, […]


Gyantse Dzong – the fortress of Gyantse | Tibet Group Tour

Gyantse Dzong

The original fortress of Gyel-khar-tse is attributed to Pekhor-tse, son of the anti-Buddhist king Langdarma, who vainly sought to perpetuate the Yarlung Dynasty from West Tibet following the assassination of his father. The walls of the present structure were reputedly built in 1268, following the rise to power of the Sakyapas, and in 1365 a […]


2015 Tibet Group Tours Departure Dates and Costs Released | Tibet Group Tour

Potala Palace in Tibet

Given the nature of the current Tibet travel permit policy, all the foreigners need to arrange their Tibet tour from a local Tibetan tour agency, because the Tibet travel permit is only able to obtain by arranging the Tibet tour from a local Tibetan tour agency, thus the Tibet tour costs and information are different […]


The sunlight transfused the bay.

1.There is nothing more fun in an airplane ride than to notice the tiny buildings and trees from up above. 2.A Tibetan antelope at the southeast angle of the lake, on Prospect Heights. . 3.A rainbow arched across the sky. 4.The sunlight transfused the bay.   Related Tibet Travel Posts: Tibet Mysterious Phenomenon-“Rainbow body” Tibet Mysterious Phenomenon-“Rainbow body”