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Traveling to Tibet through the Kyirong border is an exciting opportunity that is sure to provide you with a unique and memorable experience. Before you start your journey, there are a few things you’ll need to know and prepare.

Kyirong Border in Tibet
Kyirong Border in Tibet

First, you’ll need to acquire a group Visa. You can do this by completing an application form and submitting it to a Chinese embassy or consulate. You should also plan to book a hotel or tour package in Tibet for your stay and make sure it includes a Tibet Travel Permit. Here is the details process.

Tibet travel Permit
Group Visa

Step 1: Apply for Group Visa: Gather all of the necessary information for your group members and complete a visa application form for the whole group. Additionally, each member of the group must have a valid passport.

Step 2: Submit Documents and Fees: Submit to the Chinese embassy or visa center, the visa application form, valid passport copies, and photos for each member of the group. Also, remit the designated fees and charges for the group. Here is the list of group visa fees for respective countries;

Below are the costs of group visas for different nationalities in 2023

NationalityDestinationEntryNormal (USD) 5 daysUrgent  (USD) 3 daysExpress (USD) 2 days
NepalMainland  ChinaSingle6297122
Half Year86122146
One year110146171
Other CountriesMainland Chinasingle75111136
USAMainland  ChinaSingle/Double/Multiple175210235
CanadaMainland  ChinaSingle/Double/Multiple121157182
IsraelMainland  ChinaSingle/Double/Multiple82117142
RomaniaMainland  ChinaSingle106142167
Albania/ Micronesia &BIHMainland  ChinaSingle/Double4581105
SerbiaMainland  ChinaSingle/Double4782107
BrazilMainland  ChinaSingle/Double167203227
ArgentinaMainland  ChinaSingle76111136
PanamaMainland  ChinaSingle/Double/Multiple111146171
UruguayMainland  ChinaSingle/Double80116141
ChileMainland  ChinaSingle/Double4581105
Pakistan & MaldivesMainland  ChinaSingle456075

Step 3: Receive Confirmation and Picking up the Visa: After approval of the application, the Chinese embassy or visa center will issue a visa pick-up slip or letter. The issuer will inform the date and time of when the group can pick up the visa. All group members must present their valid passports to the Chinese embassy or visa center in order to obtain the visa.

When you arrive at the Kyirong border, you’ll need to present your passport, visa, and other documents to the border police. Once they are cleared, you will be granted access through the border. We’ll receive you from the border.

During your trip, it is important to be aware of your financial obligation when you enter Tibet. You will need to pay a vehicle transport tax, passenger tax, and environmental protection fees, among other fees that are set by the border control police.

Traveling to Tibet

In addition, there are restrictions concerning the types of items you can bring into the Tibet Autonomous Region, so make sure to check what is allowed and what is not before you go.

Finally, it is highly recommended that you book a tour guide who knows the region and speaks the local language or someone who can communicate with the locals. We’ll provide a local Tibetan tour guide and a driver. Doing so will help ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable journey.

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