15 Days Kailash Tour – Tibet Tour Itinerary

The journey will lead across the great central Tibet of U-Tsang to the western Ngari. This tour is the best Tibet group tour if you are not very much interested in seeing Tibet rather than taking a picture at the  The journey covers all the wishes of travellers who are enthusiast about having insights of […]


Central Tibet Highlights – Part II

Yumbu Lhakang

As we were talking about central Tibet in the earlier post, we talked mainly about Lhasa, the holy place of god. In this post, there will be more of central Tibet, as much as Lhasa is the heart of Tibet, there are also other important towns that made strong contributions in creating the Tibetan history […]


Central Tibet Highlights – Part I

Potala Palace

Although there are wonderful places to travel all around Tibet, but if you are planning only one Tibet tour, the ideal place to visit will be the central Tibet, it not only holds the important and historic places, but also some of the most beautiful mountain lakes and highest peaks you will ever come to […]


Provinces Of Tibet-Tibet.

Tibet is broadly divided into three provinces and popularly known as Kham, Amdo and Utsang.  Kham is a historical region of Tibet covering a land area largely divided between Tibetan Autonomous region of Tibet and Sichuan province. Some Chinese linguists and anthropologists refer to Kham as the ‘Ethnic Corridor of Southwest China’, as its vast and sparsely […]


Katok Monastery In Kham-Tibet.

Katok monastery is located in Derge, Kham province of Tibet in Sichuan. This monastery is one of the prominent monastery and was erected in 1159 by Katok Dampa Deshek and the Gompa was rebuilt in 1656. The Katok monastery is one of the most essential institution of Nyingmapa sect in Tibetan Buddhism and housed around […]


Ani Tsangkung Nunnery-Tibet.

Ani Tsangkung nunnery is located along the Lingkor pilgrim circuit in Lhasa. It is a place where now female Buddhist followers can still practice the importance of Buddhism. Ani Tsangkung is a Gelug school and one of the prominent nunnery in Lhasa. The site was used by the great King Songtsen Gampo for meditation during […]