Sacred Objects -Prayer Wheel

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When mentioned about Tibetan religion, its mysterious atmosphere will appear in mind.And prayer wheel is definitely one of the most symbolic things in Tibet.Most Tibetans are religious Buddhism followers,and you could see Tibetan people with a prayer wheel in their hands.Today,.Tibet Group Tour Team, a professional Tibet travel agency, introduces this sacred object to you.


It is a cylindrical wheel with a metal or wooden handle, and the Buddhism scriptures are craved or printed in the rolls of thin papers.Tibetan Buddhists believe that spinning a prayer wheel can multiplies their prayers,and repeat the Buddhism scriptures in the wheel.Besides,they also think it could spread spiritual blessings.The religious Tibetans spin them over and over to pray for spiritual peace.Sacred objects like prayer wheels help one to develop positive qualities in the mind It is why tourists could see pilgrims with prayer wheels on the long and difficult pilgrimages.

In Tibet, Prayer Wheels made in a wide range of sizes and styles,such as hand-held ,table-top wheels, and giant eight foot Prayer Wheels.It often built around Buddhist Stupas and Monasteries. People will spin as they walk clockwise around long rows of prayer wheels,reciting the most profound and beneficial mantras.

There are many Tibetan style handicrafts in Tibet,and choose up to your preference. Do you plan to buy a prayer wheel as a souvenir for your lifetime Tibet tour or bring to heir family members and friends as a Tibet tour souvenir?.Tibet Group Tour Team,a professional Tibet travel agency,offer earnest invitation to you to Tibet!