What should be prepared to go to Tibet in November?

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First of all,we should know the two common sense that we have missed it for long time.The one is that do not drink Rhodiola and the other one is that unless you are very scared of cold, otherwise it is not a little cold in Tibet in November.

November of 3000 meters above sea level in Tibet especially Lhasa + grade, Nyingchi and Xigaze, the temperatures in the winter are much warmer than in the southern, strong sunshine during the day, and that is enough with a thin and small lightweight jacket; Morning and night cooler , you can add a thick fleece on the inside, or triple the winter wear that jacket is enough. The more important is the choice of accommodation, and they must be clear that there is heating supply, or air-conditioning is well.After all, the coldest time is spent indoors.

If you travel in high altitude areas, such as the Everest base camp, Namtso, etc., that the level of 800 Punta jacket is the most practical.

Before departure, fifteen days in advance to drink brown sugar water. After departure, please carry glucose powder and mug. Other medicines, daily necessities and the like should be also available in your packet.For for information,contact us,expert of tibet tour,please!