Transportation In Tibet-Explore Tibet.

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Highway from Lhasa to airport

In the last few years Tibet’s transport infrastructure have improved a lot and much of discomfort to get into the high plateau has solved. Transportation in Tibet, there are 5 main legs, which are friendship highway to Nepal (west), Xinjiang-Tibet highway (North west), Qinghai-Tibet highway (North), Sichuan-Tibet highway (East) and Yunnan-Tibet highway (South east). In 2010, major part of the Xinjiang-Tibet highway construction was finished and now all the 5 main routes has paved and good road condition, but during the rainy season some part of Sichuan-Tibet highway and Yunnan-Tibet highway will be damaged by landslide and flood. According to our customers interest we operate tours including the remote regions where there are worse road condition, so selection of vehicle is a challenging with local situation, but all the Tibetan travel companies use vehicle resources from few local tourist transportation companies apart from few agency own vehicles.

2. Land cruiser 4 WD; this is most popular vehicle in Tibet tourist industry that is suitable for rocky and bumpy road in off-the-bitten-path. Mostly 4 WD Land cruiser is used for groups travelling to EBC, Kailash and other off road tours. Capacity of the vehicle is 4 passengers and bags can kept in the trunk.

3.  Van and mini-bus: these are mostly used for groups ranging from 5 to 15 people, most of the vans and mini-buses in Tibet are pretty new and in a very good condition, these types of vehicles are recommendable for tours around Lhasa and now also can be used for Kailash tours where the new and paved roads are available.

4.  Buses are mostly used for bigger groups ranging from 20 – 40 people, all the buses are in a good condition and brand new cars, this types of vehicles are recommended for tours in Lhasa, Shigatse and Kailash.

5.  Trucks are mostly used as a supporting vehicle for trekking and camping tours, generally we arrange these vehicles to transport cooking gears, camping gears and clients luggage during long trekking tours like  Kailash tours, rafting tours and so on.

Transportation in Tibet never same as before. We give a smooth drive and pleasant tour experience.