Tibet Tourism Transportation Rate Increased

Post link: https://www.tibetgrouptour.com/tibet-travel-news/tibet-tourism-transportation-rate-increased.html

travel TibetThe were rumors of a drastic change in the Tibet Tourism since early 2015, and that all the tourist-carrying vehicles will be provided one new “Tibet Travel Company”. Until now, the vehicles used for tourism are either provided by smaller companies, travel agencies or private drivers that are licensed to carry tourists, now (April 2016), the new regulation has already moved into action and starting this week, the new Tibet Travel Co-op has set its prices to a new record that is way above the old price, their vehicles’ (that is all the tourism vehicle) prices have been set season wise; the highest (almost tripled the old price) during peak tourism months (June to October) and bit lower during the slower months (April, May and November to the end February). But even the lower prices are almost double the prices that of the previous slower months. The new IS NOT set by the travel agencies, it set by the government, we (travel companies) can only follow with the regulations and deal that heap of price with our clients.

So, if you have booked Tibet tours with Explore Tibet (or any other travel agencies in this case) earlier based on the old price, consult again with your travel agent and confirm your trip thoroughly.