Sera Monastery Of Forbidden Land!

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Sera monastery was built below a small hermitage where Tsongkhapa spent several years in retreat both meditating on and writing commentaries to the Buddhsit scriptures. A leading disciple of Tsongkhapa,Shakya Yeshe (1352-1435), started constructing sera in 1419. the year of his teacher’s death. Ten years earlier Tsongkhapa had been invited by emperor Yunglo of Ming China to visit his court in Beijing. Unable to go to himslef,Tsingkhapa sent Shakya Yeshe in his stead, A subsequent emperor showed his appreciation of Sakya Yeshe ‘s teachings by giving him in 1434 the title Jamchen Choje ( Great gentle Dharma lord), the named by which he is the best known today. Although many of the outlying residential building in Sera were destroyed during culture revolution, the principal building were left relatively intact. Four hundred monks  now live here, many of them recently ordained, and an attempt is being made to recommence the traditional course of study. Sera monastery is divided into two main colleges( dratsang),sera me amd Sera je. In the last few years, as sera monastery had revived as an active monastery, a number of houses( Khangtsen) have been restored to lodge the monks from different parts of Tibet who came here to study. Since most of these Khangtsen are still being rebuilt.The monastery is bautifully built at the based of the mountain with such a great designed which is a great surprise for us to think back that there were such great scholar in Tibet by then to built a such great monastery. Tibet no doubt is backwarded but when we exam deeply she never is a backwarded or undeveloped. She has so many things to discover and explore. Tibet is a truly mysterious.