Offering Of Seven Water Bowls-Explore Tibet.

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Offering of Seven Water Bowls;

Tibet is culturally very rich and with its traditions. The most special activity of every daily life for Tibetans is to do Puja or offering and praying towards the Three Jewels. Those three Jewels are Budha as teacher, Dharma as teaching and Sangha as pupil. Relatively, all the sentient beings are considered as innocent or sick and the Buddha is considered as the doctor, Nurses are as the Sangha and Dharma as the prescription of the medicine.The way of Tibetan Buddhist offering is traditionally came from Indian way of offering things for their guest. As in the Indian tradition of offerings to their guest, first they offer water for drinking, second they offer water for washing feet and hands, third offering the flowers, forth burning the incense, fifth lighting the lamp, sixth offering the good smile of perfume, and then seventh offering the food for the guest. These seven ways of offering orders are logically or reasonably practices in India. Later this positive Indian tradition of offering for their guest were become important traditional part of Tibetan daily life offering of water to the Buddha. Tibetans traditionally practices this way of offering the waters to the Buddha for every early morning and this way of positive actions accumulate merits for them.