Lonely Planet Is Closed For The Travel Lovers In March-Explore Tibet.

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Due to political sensitiveness, Tibet will be closed for all the tourists around the world wild. We agencies don’t initiate or operate tours during this particular month of March. From April to end of the Feb, we welcome all the tourists who would love to explore Tibet and we try our level best to give the best authentic experiences to our clients. Mainly this month (March) government closed door for tourists to discover this Forbidden City. Still the best is yet to come. The best months to trip this lonely planet (Tibet) are from April to Oct. It’s the best and most pleasant timing for you guys to enjoy the tours in Tibet. Come and enjoy! Again as usual, Tibet will closed for tourists from the end of February. So, let’s take a break as per government’s rule. Guys ,plan your trip from the blossom April and catch us on Explore Tibet now to make your dream come alive. It’s thrilling, challenging and experience to step on this dusty land of Snow.