Karma Shar Monastery-Tibet.

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This old Gelukpa temple with tall and noble stone walls is behind the Jorkhang and can be reached only by a narrow cobbled street in the old city. The gold on black murals of wrathful protector deities have recently been completely repainted. Only the murals on the upper level of the assembly hall retain the retouched originals. The main image in the shrine is Padmasambhava. The shrine is dedicated,however,to the red wrathful deity with a spear and bow,called Lhakdor to the right of Padmasambava. Furthere to the right is an old statue of the protector Tsemar,which was rescued by local people and recently returned to the monastery. Hanging from a pillar on the right is a swollen leather bah with a wrathful face. When a parishioner dies,his or her breath is “transferred” into this bag,which is taken to Samye monastery,where predictions are made about the person’s further rebirth. While traditionally a temple of the Nyingma school,Karma Shar is currently under the supervision of two monks from Sera.