Densatil Monastery In Tsedang-Explore Tibet.

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Densatil monastery was founded by Dorjee Gyalpo in 1158. He was a leading disciple of Gampopa during 1110-1170.The main intention of Dorjee Gyalpo was to build a meditation hut for himself initially. Due to his fame and teaching spread, a large community was formed around him and gradually it became a Kagyu monastery in Tibet. Dorjee Gyalpo became a prominent teacher for three founders of Kagyu,namely Talung Tangpo Tashi pal,JIgme Sumgon and Ling Repa.Though he was prominent teacher for the founders of the Kagyu sect yet his monastery did not become a base for a distinct Kagyu order mainly because Pamotrupa family support Tsongkhapa and the Geluk sect in the early fifteenth century. Densatil monastery was destroyed the Cultural Revolution and only some small shrines have been rebuilt after ruined. If we keep discovering, we will encounter numbers of large and small monasteries with historical treasure then.