Buddhism A Source OF Contentment For Believers-Explore Tibet.

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Tibet is a land of religious and peace. Though Tibet is a small community but she bears a very ancient rich traditions and wealthy cultures. Tibet has different religious categories within her small community: minor amount of Tibetan Muslims, Christian, and Bon etc. We belief that praying and worshipping Gods are our prime task of the day. Every single early morning, mother would raise up earliest and she would clean up the house. The very first task after clear up the house is to pray and subliming status of deities in the altar. Every Tibetan house will be having an altar according to their financial status and it’s sort of mandatory in a voluntary way. God always comes first for the believer and would enchant few mantras and will pray for the wellbeing of the family members. Few very spiritual, open mind and breadth people would pray for the wellbeing of the sentient being in the universe. After the morning pray is completed she would prepare breakfast for the whole family. Normally Tsampa with hot hot butter tea for the beginning of the day then she would see off all the members of the family for their respective occupations. Elder people of the family would never miss to circumambulating the monasteries and temples. You normally will see elder people occupied the religious spots and worshiping deities in the monasteries. They belief that their present task for their age is to worship and pave a smooth way for the next life so that they would be reborn as a better human being in their next life and so do we belief this as a younger generation of them. Ever since we started breathing for the very first time in the unknown world we were born as Buddhism because our fore fore-grandparents are Buddhist and we literally following our lineage which almost every individual does the same. For Buddhist, religion is source of meaningful life and happiness. Due to our ignorance universe is a full of affliction. Contentment (absence of greed) is one of the prime teaching in Buddhism and it literally mean knowing what “Enough” is or “knowing when to be content”. It means being able to find satisfaction without looking for more. Contentment is a virtue of moderation. By practicing contentment, we allow ourselves to rest in an underlying state of satisfaction, confident in the knowledge that we are living by the ideals we seek to uphold. By limiting our wants and desires, we avoid suffering the dissatisfaction and frustration which greed generate. This is a simple teaching of Buddhism which means a lay person like us would be not able to explain the breadth of Buddhism.