Birth Place Of Je Tsongkhapa-Kumbum-Explore Tibet.

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Kumbum monastery is one of the oldest monastery with precious Buddhist historical background in Tibet. Kumbum is located in the Qinghai region of Amdo. Kumbum was the birth place of great Je Tsongkhapa and Je Tsongkhapa was the founder of the Gelug sect. Kumbum monastery was founded in 1583 by the great 3rd Dalai Lama for Je Tsongkhapa. This monastery is a Buddhist monastery and it comes under the Gelug sect.The Kumbum monastery is still very much a repository of Tibetan Buddhism ,art,culture,scriptures and status. Before it was said there were around 3600 monks in the monastery and nowadays its said around 600-700 monks currently studying there. Kumbum monastery has four monastic colleges or faculties. Kumdum is like architectural complex of blending Han and Tibetan architecture. it has very unique and beautiful structure that would make you feel how clever and skillful our fore-fathers were.Kumbum is popularly renown for its butter sculptures presentation. Every 15th day of the Losar, Kumbum will display butter sculpture for the local people and devotees around the world. The formation butter sculpture will make you feel mesmerizing about the skills of the monks.