Ani Tsangkung Nunnery-Tibet.

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Ani Tsangkung nunnery is located along the Lingkor pilgrim circuit in Lhasa. It is a place where now female Buddhist followers can still practice the importance of Buddhism. Ani Tsangkung is a Gelug school and one of the prominent nunnery in Lhasa. The site was used by the great King Songtsen Gampo for meditation during 7th century and during 15th century, Ani Tsangkung was established there. This is a very peaceful and tranquil location in Lhasa. In this small institution, everything is handle my the nuns themselves like chanting prayers during morning and evening, cooking, environmental cleaning etc.  Life in the nunnery is very calm and simple. This is also a popular site for tourist to explore during their tour in Lhasa.