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Potala Palace in Tibet

Given the nature of the current Tibet travel permit policy, all the foreigners need to arrange their Tibet tour from a local Tibetan tour agency, because the Tibet travel permit is only able to obtain by arranging the Tibet tour from a local Tibetan tour agency, thus the Tibet tour costs and information are different on different websites on the internet.

Most of the Tibet tour costs are more expensive than any other cities in the Mainland China, so it is always a problem for budget travelers and individual travelers to travel Tibet in a low budget, so Tibet Group Tour is a group of local Tibetan tour guide with many years of work experiences in the Tibetan tourism industry and we have carefully selected number of best Tibet tours with reasonable cost as group tour, so this will help the low budget travelers and individual travelers to achieve their dream of Tibet tour economically.

Tibet group tour is the best and only way to travel Tibet with low budget and better experiences, so Tibet group tour has released the year 2015 Tibet group tour departure dates and cost.

Here we have listed few important reasons why Tibet group tours?

1. Tibet group tour is the best way to travel Tibet in a low budget, because by joining a Tibet group tour, you will share the cost of transportation and tour guide with other travelers in the group, so it will lower your individual tour cost without reducing the tour experiences.

2. Win more friends and travel like family: by sharing the tour with other like-minded travelers from different part of the world, so you will enjoy the time by sharing experiences and making new friends.

3. Tibet group tour is a fully local Tibetan tour agency based in Lhasa, all our tour groups will be handled by knowledgeable local Tibetan tour guides and drivers, so we can guarantee an authentic Tibet travel experiences if you choose to travel with Tibet Group Tour team.

Note: When you choosing the Tibet group tour, always choose the right Tibet tour operator and small size group tour, because some tour operators provide cheaper tour cost by enlarging the group size, so if the group size is too big then it will definitely effect your experiences, so the best group tour size would be 8 or less.