About us


Tibet Group Tour.com is  the sister website of ExploreTibet.com and we are one of the leading Tibetan tour operator based on Tibet, all of the staffs are local Tibetans with many years of working experiences, many of them have received training in Eco-tourism that sponsored by the esteemed Columbia University. Our guides are familiar with the most beautiful Tibet tours and are experienced in high-altitude trekking. Most importantly, as native Tibetans, they have deeply ingrained knowledge of Tibetan culture, tradition, religion and history that is part of their daily life. During our trips, our guests have the opportunity to experience the life of Tibetans and learn about their daily routines and customs. Travels may take you through ancient monasteries, nomadic lands and the stunning landscapes of the Tibetan plateau. This makes for an unparalleled experience of Tibet’s unique environment and its rich traditions!

Being a local Tibetan tour agency, I am personally pleased to practice the knowledge of Responsible Tourism We are dedicated to relying upon native people and using local services to encourage the local economic development. Apart from the economic development, we value our rich culture, indigenous tradition and unpolluted environment by signifying them as the core values of preservation. We also try our best to live by a Leave No Trace principle by educating our staff and teaching appropriate etiquette to our respected guests before they travel through Tibet. Though our influence is limited, we are proud to be one of the first local companies that implement the practices of Responsible Tourism in Tibet and we are confident that will grow in broader field in the future..

How we Different?

1. Our Expertise and Reliability:
All Tibet travel consultants and Tibetan tour guides are qualified with at least 5 years of guiding experience and insightful knowledge of Tibetan travel information, so the trips and travel information we provide are not merely based on books or heard from others, but come from first-hand experience and knowledge of the local situation.

2. Flexible and accommodating Itineraries:
We always try our best to make our trips as flexible as possible, so that our customers are not confined by an itinerary that is restrictive and inflexible.

3. Absolutely no forced shopping or tourist traps;
We guarantee that all our tours are purely authentic experiences and we seriously object any act of forced shopping by arranging agreement with shops and factories.

4. Fair trade and service guarantee:
We earnestly practice the act of fair trade by paying reasonable base salary plus performance bonus to our staff and community service team members to maintain an incomparable service standard.

5. Our sense of responsibility:
When traveling with us, your designated travel coordinator will be available 24 hours a day. For example, even if flights or train tickets have not been booked by us, we are happy to help our clients to alter or rebook flights and train tickets based on our clients need.

6. Responsible tourism:
We support local community by using local services, volunteering in local villages, and always trying our best to minimize impacts on environment and culture of the locals.

I am Tibetan born and grew up in Tibet, but did not truly discover the beauty of my country until I explored its wonders with my guests in the past years. The more I traveled, the more I came to love the land that I call home. The task of educating our guests inspired me to study our ancient culture, traditions, religion and history through both books and the elders of my village. In my experiences, I have explored almost every corner of Tibet. Through interaction with natives and visitors alike, I have a deep appreciation of the needs of travelers who visit Tibet. The accumulation of all of these experiences resulted in my founding Tibet Group Tour to provide authentic Tibetan experiences through the culture and landscape that make up this magical country.

I am proud to say that the Tibet Group Tour is an energetic Tibetan team having strong Tibetan cultural background and travel experiences on the Tibetan plateau, with many years of working experiences, all our staffs has an abiding enthusiasm for guiding and introducing the authentic Tibet, although their background and expertise may vary, but all our staffs are committed to tackle new problems and finding new ways to Tibet Group Tour in a different way.

We invite you to join with us on the roof of the world and experience something extraordinary.

Thanks and look forward to welcoming you soon.

Best Wishes!

Sonam Jamphel

Founder of Tibet Group Tour