4 days Lhasa Highlight Tibet Tour Photos

Highway from Lhasa to airport

On the way from the Lhasa to airport, this highway cross over the Lhasa river and Brahmaputra river, then a 3km long tunnel through the Kala mountain.

Tibet Jokhang temple in Lhasa

Jokhang temple is located right in the centre of the Lhasa old town and it is the first ever Buddhist temple on the Tibetan plateau.

Tibet Bakhor street

Lhasa Bakhor street is one of the most devotional kora in Tibet and it is the street around the Jokhang temple, it was the historical local market and now it there are full of souvenir shops mainly for tourist. Local Tibetans circle around the Bakhor street and practice the Buddhist spirituality, when you travel into Tibet, this is a interesting place to hang around and experiences local Tibetan activities.

Potala Palace in Tibet

Potala palace is the cardinal landmark of Tibet, this is one of the popular sites that most of the Tibet travelers can’t missed when they are in Tibet.